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Thank You 2023 Sponsors!!!!!

Banner Sponsors

Daugherty Construction

Infield Chiropractic

Euclid Firefighters 337

Euclid Heat Treating

Euclid Veteran's Association

Iron Workers Local 17

VFW 1056

Wally's Team

Team Sponsors

American Legion 343

Sons of American Legion 343

Eaton Family Credit Union

Katherine Gonakis EA, LLC

Stimburys Accounting

Mayor Holzheimer Gail

Spiros E. Gonakis Co. LPA

Euclid Teacher's Association





5/13 Picture Day Schedule 
0900: Arrive @0845 (without preregistration)
Coach Sponsor
John Fuduric American Legion & Wally's Team
Josh Erdani Infield Chiropractic & Euclid Firefighters
Lisa Stahlberg Euclid Heat Treating
0930: Arrive @0920 (without preregistration)
Coach Sponsor
Anthony Stachnik (1) Katherine Gonakis EA, LLC
Anthony Stachnik (2) Eaton Family Credit Union
Rebecca Bradley Mayor Holzheimer Gail
James Lee Stimburys Accounting
1000: Arrive @ 0950 (without preregistration)
Coach Sponsor
Demetrius Safo Sons of American Legion
Lamar Jackson Euclid Veteran's Association
1030: Arrive @1030
Coach Sponsor
Bryan Mitchell Spiros Gonakis Attorney at Law
Vince McMichael Daugherty Construction
1100: Arrive @1100
Coach Sponsor
Linn Obery Iron Workers Local 17
Tim Gentry VFW Post 1056

Euclid Chamber of Commerce
Bluestone Award Winner

American Legion
Euclid Citizen of the Year

   Commissioner Anthony Stachnik